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Property Management Service in Griffin GA

Griffin, GA is a small city about 35 miles from Atlanta. It is principally a residential area and is a lucrative area to own rental properties. If you want to make the most of your investment real estate in the city, finding the right property management service in Griffin GA is essential. Read on to learn more about why this market may be a good option for your investment goals.

Reasons To Own Rental Properties in Griffin GA

Just under half of the households in Griffin rent their homes. With a population of 23,643 as of the 2010 census, that is a lot of people renting their homes. The average rent in the city is just over $700 per month, although some properties can fetch much more. For example, a well-kept house of around 4,000 square feet can go for around $3,000 per month.

Of course, the potential rent isn’t the only part of the equation. The property values are very affordable in Griffin. The average price per square foot is only $80. Therefore, you can potentially buy an investment property for a very reasonable amount. Depending on the property location, it can be very desirable. The historic district is beautiful and walkable. So, residents are keen to rent near the restaurants and bars in the center of the city. With the right marketing and management, a rental property could earn significant income in this area.

Benefits of Property Management

Having a good property management service in Griffin GA can help you make the most of your rental real estate. Property management provides the following key benefits:

  • Higher Occupancy: Property management includes marketing your property and getting tenants in. The potential of any investment is squandered if you can’t get tenants in apartments.

  • Greater Tenant Satisfaction: With an easy point of contact to work with, your residents will be more satisfied. Customer satisfaction is always good for long-term business stability.

  • Reduced Turnover: Happier residents are more likely to stay renting for longer. Furthermore, a property management service can help address tenant concerns that may cause them to move out.

  • Less Stress: Having someone handle the day-to-day for you means less stress. It is the easier way to invest in real estate.

  • More Properties: The less work you have to do to manage properties, the more you can maintain at once. That means you can earn a greater return.

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